As a picky interior design & decorating diva, it usually lakes me a good, full
week or two lo decorate my home. That’s because I decorate every single one of my
rooms, including placing and trimming Christmas trees in all of the kid’s bedrooms.
I have had my home featured in Christmas holiday tours and had neighbors stop me to
rave about my decorations. This year though, I have decided things will be different.
This year, between family illness, college application deadlines for my senior, and trying
to juggle my business, I must confess. I have been dreading decorating.
I am always the girl who has her decorations out the day after Thanksgiving, but this year
– NOT! I look into my garage, half-filled with tubs of beautiful Christmas decorations,
waiting to be displayed and I feel overwhelmed.

A Simpler Time

I remember after I had my first child, a broke young mom trying to figure out how to
afford a tree, let alone decorations. Surprisingly, what I remember the most is not the
feeling of lack but rather of contentment.
I found a good deal on a tree – it was rather sparse and quite Charlie Brown-like but
it worked. I made all of my ornaments that year. I took Styrofoam bolls and covered
them in fragrant Christmas-colored potpourri, purchased at the dollar store, I strung
popcorn on string and “splurged” on tiny white lights. I made a star out of some branches
I found outside and placed it on the top o f the tree.
To finish things off, I placed on old tree skirt made by my grandmother. That tree was so
pretty! I had many compliments on it and sat for hours gazing at it and thinking about
the true meaning of Christmas, while sipping on spiced tea and cuddling with my new
baby on our soft, hand-me-down couch.
Nowadays, I have all kinds of fancy, sparkly decorations. I have the village set, the train set,
the Christmas dish sets, the extravagant lawn decorations. As beautiful and “perfect,” as I
make if every year, I still remember that simpler time in life, when I had less but appreciated
This year, as I celebrate the season with my oldest daughter, before she leaves for college.
I have decided to recreate the same type of tree I did on her first Christmas. This year, WE
will decorate with a few simple, homemade ornaments and place a few strands of crisp
while lights on the delicious smelling branches.
This year, I will take time to enjoy the season, look back at fond memories and make a few
new ones.  I’m sure next year, I will hove all my glitzy things out to ploy with again, have
another holiday tour in my home and many compliments to puff up my designer ego.
I’m also sure to have a headache, sore feet and broken nails to show for it as well.
This year though, I’m keeping it simple and stress free. Happy Holidays!