About Tara Miller

Tara began her career in design at a young age. Growing up in Colorado Springs, Colorado near the acclaimed Broadmoor Hotel, Tara was introduced to the finer elements of design. By the age of 8 Tara was picking out carpet, tile and other design finishes for her family’s investment properties. She became quite skilled and other’s in her community recognized this. At the age of 14, Tara began taking on clients for decorating jobs and floral design. This was the beginning of her design adventure.

Since then, Tara has faced some life challenges that have helped her become a more compassionate and skilled designer. This experience motivated her to inspire other women and to be an advocate for them. She believes that anyone can do anything they set their mind to, no matter what they’ve been through.

Tara is a mama to three children and two bulldogs. She loves good wine, dancing and getting to know people.