by TARABELL on DECEMBER 29, 2011

Old trunk or charming table?

This old door makes a great table. Add a clear coat to seal & keep old paint from chipping or top it with custom cut glass for easy clean ups!



At times, some of the best decorating I do comes from reusing things, that people already have around their house for purposes they never thought of before. This not only saves the client money but also makes the room a more unique, an interesting place. One that lets the client’s interests and personality shine through.

Old pie tins and colorful candlesticks can make a feast for your eyes as a delish serving tray

How to RePurpose Items in your Home

  • Take a small, framed mirror and instead of hanging it on the wall, use it as a tray to showcase some candles, placing it on your ottoman or coffee table — giving your room a relaxed, romantic feel.
  • Flip a wide mouth vase upside down for use as a pedestal for another decorative object.
  • An old rusted garden trellis, once cleaned up, can hang inside your home on the wall for a dramatic effect, lending an easy to achieve

    Use these pretty beverage dispensers for your laundry detergent and fabric softener

    Tuscan feel.

  • Anything heirloom, antique or vintage can add richness and history to any space. I recently stumbled upon some old vintage aprons of my granny’s that I’d forgotten about. By hanging them up in my laundry room as a fun, quirky valance, I added a new dimension to the room, while preserving my family’s history in our every day life.

    Paint worn-out furniture, add new knobs and reclaim its beauty and usefulness

Wardrobe or bar? This distressed heirloom gives your room a little Omph!

Tips for Finding ReUse Items

Before you head out to buy something new, fresh off the assembly line (like everybody else) take a look around your house for unused items or those that could have a new life.

  • Stop at estate sales
  • Nose around thrift stores for something unique or ready for reuse
  • Enlist a friend or family member who wants to freshen up a room or two as well and help each other add a dash of style by doing  a treasure hunt swap at one another’s homes. Look for what cool kinds of décor possibilities already exist in your homes.

Not only will you have a great time doing it, but by using your creativity to give something a new purpose, your house will feel much more YOU than you ever thought possible and the perks of recycling and using your ingenuity — well, those are priceless.

Happy Hunting!