Don’t be a shower curtain Urkel!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when a shower curtain is hung too high! It’s like looking at the nerds in school that wore their pants too short. Ugh! No, people! Let me help you! It’s my mission in this life to save you from your “High-water,” shower curtain catastrophes.

The Key

Simply pretend your bathroom floor is your feet and the curtain is the hem of your pants. Your home shower curtain should just graze your floor. Notice, I said, “THE CURTAIN” — NOT the liner. The liner should always be placed inside to keep the water in.

Can’t Find a Shower Curtain You Like?

You can also use a regular curtain, as long as the dimensions are the same and you pair it with a shower curtain liner. The common size of a shower curtain is 72”x72”. If you can sew, you can make your own. A light microfiber gives a nice suede look. Just keep in mind, it will be exposed to moisture, so don’t use silk or real leather unless you want a mess. Other than that, your options are wide open. Boring bathroom? Use a fun animal print.

Shower Curtain Rings

These are very important. There’s something incredibly frustrating about it when you shower and the shade won’t slide smoothly or rings keep falling off the rod! Metal clip on hooks with nice smooth rings on them are one of my faves. If you can find some for your shower curtains try looking in the curtain department for some tiny ones made for curtains. Just make sure they will fit your rod.


Many people ask me what color or finish their shower curtain rod should be? “Can I paint it like you suggest doing on other things around the house?” I tend to like the finish to be the same as your plumbing fixtures, so that it fits in nicely with the rest of your bathroom. I’ve found that painting these rods eventually chips off and really, they’re so inexpensive, why not just buy a new one in the color you need? (And skip the tacky plastic ones — you’ll be glad you picked up a metal rod, it last lots longer.)

A beautifully stylish and well-hung shower curtain


  • Before even hanging your shower curtain rod, save yourself time and frustration by laying out all your necessary equipment.
  • Hang the curtain and waterproof liner on the shower curtain rings, and place the shower curtain rings on the rod.
  • Carefully carry your fully assembled shower curtain set to the bathroom and hang it.

By simply putting it all together before it’s hung, you’ll save yourself a pain in the neck — literally!

Time to lather up!