by TARABELL on DECEMBER 22, 2011

I always tell my clients, “When it’s time to get your Christmas tree, make sure you buy one a few feet taller and cut it to size when you get home.”

The Reason: You can use the extra branches for decorating around your house. This is an inexpensive alternative to buying premade garland.

  • To decorate with these leftover boughs, outside, simply “plant” the branches in your outdoor flower pots.
  • You can also make a wreath out of these, easily, by using a plain wreath you may already have (simple grapevine-style) by just adding these fresh branches to the wreath.
  • Making and hanging home-crafted garlands outside on your entryway, is another great way to add a little seasonal festive flavor to your home that won’t cost a fortune.

Here’s How:

Go to your local craft store and purchase a wire wreath base and green floral wire. Go home and use cutters to snip smaller portions of branches. Start wiring them on your base. It will look better is you start at the back of the wreath first.

Making a garland is similar to this. Simply lay the branches several inches on top of one another in a linear fashion and wire together with floral wire on the back so the wires are not seen.

Want to glitz your new creations up?

  • String some lights on them! If you want lights for your wreath, you can buy a small strand of battery powered ones for this.
  • String pretty ribbon all around them or make a bow.
  • Wire berries, cranberries, other greenery, floral picks, ornaments, candy canes or whatever your imagination holds onto them!

To decorate with these trimmings inside your house, you can drape garland on your mantle, over a large mirror, doorways, stairways and the center of your table. You can also take individual branches and place them on your chandeliers and in existing floral arrangements.

Have fun and enjoy the wonderful aroma!